Flight simulation

Since 2008 LausitzAvation is working in design, development, manufacturing and integration of flight simulator components. Providing original components and modifiction for flight simulation use is part of our capabilities as well.

In the past years, we have been working with well known flight simulator system providers and delivered individual solutions for complex projects.

Replicating cockpits for flight simulation and other training equipment is very complex. There is often no data available. The provision of original aircraft components is difficult – especially for new type of aircraft. Developing a cockpit replica can be more time and cost effective.

Products & Services for flight simulation:

+ data aquisition on the original aircraft
+ design and engineering, especially of cockpit secondary structures
+ consulting and cooperation with other project partners
+ single-item manufacturing and small series production
+ technical documentation
+ integration of components into the final project
+ research and provision of original components

Reference projects:

+ Boeing 737NG
+ Airbus A320 DLR
+ Diamond DA-40
+ Boeing E-3A AWACS – NATO
+ EC-135 DLR
+ EC-135 Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe – LPR
+ AS-350 Airbus Helicopters USA
+ EC-225 Airbus Helicopters Aberdeen