Airport & airfield consulting

Our services and products for airfields are based on personal long time experience in the operation of a public private IFR airfield in east germany. Compared to governmental or puplic paid airfields we needed to learn how to improve our operation without external consultants and engineering offices. Thereby we could develop an extensive knowledge about airport technical infrastructure and its maintenance as well as administrative experience about airport planning and approval procedures.

Consulting for airfield operators:

  • siting and operation of airfields
  • extension of approvals
  • tailored planning
  • economic models of operation
  • airfield development
  • military/civil conversions
  • IFR-procedures and airspaces
  • approval of special airfields
  • review of CAA conditions
Anflugbefeuerung Planning:

  • runway lighting
  • approach lighting systems
  • PAPI
  • movement areas
  • creating drawings and plans
Technical services:

  • lighting systems
  • cable fault location
  • VAISALA meteo stations
  • antennas and masts
  • coaxial cables for radio stations
  • ADS-B receiver
  • tower remote control
  • communication systems
  • tower equipment
  • used airport equipment
Palac Wiechlice
Concept of re-activating an old soviet airbase in Poland for a private civil operator.