VHF air traffic control radios

The „PlaneRTx“ is a VHF/AM ground to air station for the use on airports and airfields. The standard system is based on the the certified transceiver platform GT6201 (BAF D-0030/2014, ETSI EN 300 676).

Especially for airfields with IFR traffic, we offer one system with two transceiver blocks in a 2HE 19“ inch rackmount case.

VHF/AM Flugfunk Bodenstation PlaneRTx

General characteristics:

+ 8,33 kHz VHF/AM radio station (Mandatory in the EU from 01.01.2018)
+ air band 118.000 MHz – 136.975 MHz
+ transmission power 6 Watt or 10Watt
+ replacement for existing 25 kHz TG460 VHF/AM ground station
+ headset connector on the front panel
+ annunciator lights for transmission and receiving
+ dimmbare lights
+ integrated amplifier with volume control for external speaker
+ voice recorder output
+ connection for direction finder (elimination of ground station QDM)
+ connection of remote control panels
+ DC connector for external battery power


Characteristics of the dual VHF/AM transceiver device:

+ one 19“ inch rackmount case with two transceiver
+ space saving installation in the control tower
+ seperate power supply
+ seperated voice recording
+ sepereted remote control connection
+ seperate microphone connection
+ all connectors are seperated for each VHF block
+ both receiving singnals on one speaker

air band transceiver VHF/AM

Additional features:

+ LAN port
+ Voice Over IP – remote control
+ remote control device „RTxR“
+ ALIS from EFB-Systems
+ VHF-UHF Repeater (private mobile radio)
+ antenna masts and antennas
+ tailored coaxial wires with connectors and adaptors
+ on-site installation
+ integration of other than specified transceiver platforms on request
+ front panel in a different language


Single VHF/AM ground to air station with TQ-avionics KRT2:

PlaneRTx TQ avionics KRT2

Export versions (outside EU):

+ with 25 kHz channel space based on AR4201 (discontinued, only old stock available)
+ with 8,33 kHz channel space based on TQ-avionics KRT2
+ with other devices, for example Electrosignal „Yurok“ or Spaceon SPJD-1010